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Babies for Sale

We are just starting our breeding program and do not have babies yet.  We anticipate Highland Cattle babies in 2024 and Donkeys in 2025.

Wood products for sale

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These two quasi West Virginia mesquite cutting boards are finished in pure tung oil and citrus solvent.  They are $75 a piece or $140 for both. 

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This is a really nice distressed kitchen island.  It's 60x27.5 and it stands 36 inches high.  It's finished in Minwax Honey 272 and a topcoat of urethane.  The connecting pieces along the bottom and top were left lighter on purpose for some contrast with the top and legs.  This is available for $400. 

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This is a nice lamp stand made of Texas mesquite.  This measures 19x14 and it's two inches thick.  It's finished in two coats of tung oil and a final coat of 90% tung oil and 10% urethane.  The price is $250.  

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